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Youtube 8 years and counting

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Youtube 8 years and counting

Statistics indicate that interest in this site will continue to rise While on February 14 the lovers of the world celebrated with kisses, flowers and chocolates, lovers YouTube began to Switzerland Phone Number List celebrate their eight successful years of existence by creating more videos to upload to the network.

Monthly the site is visited by more than 800 million people, who review millions of hours of videos. According to traffic rankings Alexa , YouTube remains the third most popular website in the world with 11% of visits globally. The average time for those visits is 20 minutes, with 71 seconds spent viewing pages. Compared to other users, most of the site’s fans tend to connect from school or from home, not from their workplaces. The number of men far exceeds women.

In Latin America, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico are in third place in terms of site use, according to the same statistics. Although the site was registered on February 14, 2005, it was not until April 23 that its creators, Jawed Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, uploaded the first video ‘ Me in the zoo’ in which Karim speaks since the elephant zoo. A year later, the trio sold their creation to Google visionaries for $ 1.65 billion. Today the calculations indicate that the real price reaches US $ 45,000 million.

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And of course, advertising on the site became an important part of the business and although it did not seem very successful before, today, the system True View in which companies only pay Google if the ad is seen in full and the visitor does not jump Within five seconds, it begins to generate dividends.

Specialists speculate about the Phone Number List origin of success on the site and talk about the viral factor, social networks and influential people. All these factors are important, but the basis of the event, without a doubt, is the democratization of television. Anyone can be a star with a good idea and a little luck. If not, look at these two examples of ordinary people who have left their official jobs to dedicate themselves to making videos, because the millions of visits pay and they seem to do it well.

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