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You Can’t Beat the Competition Argentina Phone Number

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You Can’t Beat the Competition Argentina Phone Number

Editor’s introduction: In the Internet age, network effects are very important for the value and publicity of products. The author of this article shares the hard-core research on network effects, analyzes the importance of network effects to product value, etc., and describes the basic concepts of network effects and the specific methods for enterprises to create network effects. Let’s learn together.


During the First World War

There was a pilot in Germany who fought in a very “weird” way. Others Argentina Phone Number  will try their best to hide themselves and avoid the pursuit of the enemy. Instead, he painted the fighter jets bright red and drove straight to the enemy. In three years of flying, the pilot shot down a total of 80 enemy planes, and is said to be the pilot who has shot down the most planes in the First World War. Because of this, he is also known as the “Red Baron” by the outside world.



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The legend of the Red Baron is popular all over the world.

There are more than 30 books on his theme alone, and his Wikipedia is available in 43 languages, attracting 8 million page views. But the story about Fang Ke only appeared in an unpopular autobiography. In fact, the red baron is more famous than Funk because of the “backing” of the state behind him. Germany at the time needed a heroic story to promote the war machine, and the Red Baron did exactly what the public expected. Fang Ke is unknown because no one needs him to be famous. The difference between the two is that the Red Baron has value to his social network, while Funk has no value.


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