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Why not advertise on your own Online TV show

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Why not advertise on your own Online TV show

A good audiovisual production can bring more than one satisfaction for your brand A little over a decade ago, the maximum aspiration of customers was to reach Germany Phone Number List with their advertising television , which sometimes became unthinkable due to a cost issue (it still is, for some). However, the democratization that the set of tools associated with new technologies has brought with it, allows anyone to access online television and, with good planning, can take advantage of this medium to advertise their products.

There are several alternatives to being present online, but some are more attractive than others. Obviously, apart from the traditional ads on social networks , the possibility of making a program with your own products and services is a huge window for your company. But how to do it?

Who? The first thing is to choose who or who will be in charge of the project. The person or persons on the screen must have an easy command of the language and full knowledge of the company. Empathy is also another determining factor for success. It is also convenient to add a person who acts as a producer of the space, to get guests to participate in the promotion , in the middle of a conversation that can be about many topics.

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How? The ideal is to make a streaming, live, so that those who are online, can ask questions and participate in the transmission. In this way you will be getting closer to your target audience. To do this you need a camera or a laptop with a camera. In terms of platforms, you have several options, but, from my own experience, I can recommend Twitcam and UStream, systems that also allow the recording of topics, and then post them on your website or on your blog.

When? Depending on the space, the Phone Number List frequency may vary. If you implement a “program” with guests, various topics and conversation, it is convenient to do it once a week to have continuity as a “produced” space. If you will only show your products and their benefits, you can broadcast the production twice a month, so as not to exhaust your audience. The idea is to promote the streaming in advance so that people know that you will do it. At first you may have few visits, but as you make the space interesting enough, they will increase and your brand will also begin to grow in their minds.

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