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Why do Snapchat influencers flee to Instagram?

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Why do Snapchat influencers flee to Instagram?

Influencers say they have a hard time measuring their audience on Snapchat, so they can’t charge brands. Instagram made it easy for them. The cryptic and ephemeral concept that made famous Snapchat, may be the same one that buries it because its star Spain Mobile Database users disappear. Indeed, according to influencers, these limitations make it difficult for them to calculate the reach of their publications, and, consequently, they cannot change brands. Result: they flee to Instagram.

“ Wes ‘Wuz Good’ Armstrong has nearly 700,000 Instagram followers, enough to get six figures a year to promote cars Lexus and Ax body spray. It is easy, he says, to put products in his videos for an audience that enjoys and comments on the posts, ”published Bloomberg. Spain Mobile Database

Armstrong is also a Snapchat star, but that network makes things a lot more difficult for him. He has many followers, but he does not know exactly how many. And because of the way the service works, it’s difficult for you to track how many people are viewing your sponsored posts. To find out the audience for a Toyota video, he had to set his iPhone alarm 23 hours and 59 minutes after the post to remind himself to take a screenshot of the number of viewers. It is that the video would disappear after 24 hours, taking the proof it needs to show the brand how many people saw it. “You make a lot less money on Snapchat, maybe $ 10,000 a year, if you’re lucky,” they explain on Bloomberg .

The reason is none other than design: Snapchat is primarily intended to be used for communication between close friends. Consequently: influencers are not welcome. “Influencers use Snapchat anyway, and people follow them the same, but Snap makes little effort to serve them. And they are leaving.

“The number of influencers who posted Stories Snapchat in the second quarter of 2017 fell 20 percent from the first quarter, while Instagram posted a jump of 11 percent , according to an analysis by Captiv8 .

Another important point to lose ground: Snap is not sending executives to VidCon , the influencer conference in Anaheim, California, where Instagram and its corporate parent, Facebook, have a strong presence. If you don’t go, you don’t know what they want.

Captiv8 says that the Brother Cell Phone List volume of daily Instagram lifestyle stories is growing at a rate 16 times higher than Snapchat. Likewise, Facebook and Twitter, as well as YouTube, allow some influencers to profit from the advertising revenue of the videos they produce. For Erin Dorr , vice president of digital and social strategy at MSL Group , a public relations conglomerate, “it would be wise for Snap to catch up.” “Agencies around the world are waiting for Snapchat to have more functionality, capabilities and transparency for influencers and brand actions,” said Dorr, whose company represents Procter & Gamble and General Motors, two of the world’s largest advertisers.

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