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Why Are Internet Companies Less and Less Georgia Phone Number Serious About User Experience?

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Why Are Internet Companies Less and Less Georgia Phone Number Serious About User Experience?

User experience was once regarded as one of the cores of innovation in the internet industry. In the competition between internet companies. In addition to the normal competition in business. Marketing. Public relations. Etc.. User experience was often rhetorically used by companies. Updates will mention the upgrade of user experience. Such as e-commerce. Games. News. Digital music. Video sites and other fields. The advantages of user experience are generally reflecte in:



Product is better Product design

is more beautiful Product features are more convenient However. User experience is a standard that cannot be intuitively tested with data. Some people will say Georgia Phone Number that the user experience of the a family is good. And some people will complain that the user experience of the a family is poor. When the entire internet industry is on the rise. User experience can still be valued. But the new changes the internet industry is facing today are: testing profitability and net profit. It is useless to have only the number of users without the ability to monetize.



Georgia Phone Number

When profitability becomes

the assessment indicator of internet companies. User experience will naturally have to stand aside. In fact. Internet companies lose user experience very quickly. For example. A news client product used to have a daily life of over 100 million. But now. In order to make a profit. The density of advertisements in its feed has increased to one out of every five. For users who are use to “Screening” news. Advertisements are information noise. When the density of advertisements is too concentrate. The information noise brought by advertisements far exceeds the information itself. Advertising is the most important profit point for news client products.

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