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What you should know about user research Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List

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What you should know about user research Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List

There are various definitions of user research. And behind this is a systematic summary of the user research work of the era by many predecessors and practitioners. It is difficult for us to find a definite definition for user research. Because with the continuous development of business society. The boundaries of user research are constantly expanding. But in any case. The essence of perceptible user research is to study the characteristics of users. Many factors. Such as behavior. Perception. Demand. And feedback. Help companies realize business value. In this definition. We will find that the object of user research is users.


Scope of User Research

The scope of research is behavior. Characteristics. Perception. Needs and feedback. And the purpose of research is to help organizations achieve Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List business and business value. 2. The object. Scope and purpose of user research 1. Object of user research The object of user research is of course the user. But the user itself is also a business language. More precisely. The user is a proxy for a role. But the main body of the role is still a person. Therefore. The object of user research is users. And the object of user research is people and scenes. Because the main body of users is people. And the specific roles of users are given by the scenes involved. From the perspective of people.


Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List

Object of user research

We need to understand the user’s Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List sociological characteristics. Cultural environment characteristics. Mental characteristics and many other factors; From the perspective of the scene. We need to understand the demands and desires. Emotions and sustenance. Behavior and laws of users in a specific scene. Users will have different needs in different scenarios. And the essence of business or business is to solve needs. For example. The use of smart phones by the elderly in their 60s requires simple operation and obvious handwriting. The elderly in their 60s are users with sociological characteristics. And the use of smart phones is a scene. . But there is one thing to note.

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