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What to look for in a Community Manager

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What to look for in a Community Manager

We have talked about what the company is looking for when hiring a Community Manager. You generally expect that the management of the Albania Phone Number List new hire or contract will generate a kind of sales miracle. However, once the client understands what is really about digital marketing , they begin to choose people with certain characteristics that, logically, are essential for someone who will represent a company before the public.

Cultural level. This is the first and most important thing for many entrepreneurs, which is why we mentioned in the previous paragraph. The CM is the image of the company, therefore it must be as appropriate as possible in terms of education. Spelling mistakes, unfamiliarity with current affairs and little interest in learning from the industry are not advantages, by the way.

Life experience. Although the majority of CMs hired by agencies are people under the age of 30, the trend is showing that there are many employers who prefer professionals over 40 for their work and life experience. An older person, if they are really interested in this challenge offered by digital marketing , will learn how to handle it just as quickly as a young person, but on many occasions – as in times of business crisis, for example – they will have more “soft” skills than allow you to save situations more safely.

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Technical skills. A starting CM does not need to be an expert in social networks , nor measurements, nor SEO, but they must have the ability to learn about these fields. Someone who swears to be “denied for computing” better not even think about approaching the item. Other features that we have mentioned in previous notes are also essential:

Loyalty for the brand to be represented. The recent case of Alicia Keys has raised a lot of dust in the press and it is a situation that no company will want to see repeated with its collaborators. If you work for a brand, you must be consistent and passionate about it. Creativity. This skill is basic. We are all creative, but it is necessary to be interested in putting this characteristic into practice in our daily work.

Strong motivation to meet and deal with people . Being CM is not a job for hermits. The main objective is to create a community and for this, you need to be passionate about people and their behavior, to study, understand and interact with them on networks social . There Phone Number List are many characteristics that begin to define the profile of a CM and without a doubt more will continue to be added, because this career has become an example of what the world needs today: a professional with multiple talents and interests, with all that. Means

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