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What to Expect from Customer Day 2022

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What to Expect from Customer Day 2022

Any commercial date is cause for celebration. Isn’t it After all They are opportunities to attract more buyers and increase sales . Customer day is one of those occasions that can yield profits for e-commerce. However Despite the sales potential. You cannot forget that the date is a celebration of the most precious asset a company can have: the customer. So. In addition to promotions and discounts. It’s cool to think of ways to honor the business’s reason for existing. Want to stay on top of the subject and see some tips to attract more customers? So. Just keep reading because we brought a lot of useful information. When is customer day celebrated? On the 15th of september. The date has been celebrated since 2003 and was created by a businessman from rio grande do sul to honor business consumers. The fashion caught on and. The chamber of deputies decreed the 15th of september as the national customer day .

According to the decree

The purpose of the date is to carry out activities. Events and promotions to enhance loyalty between companies and consumers. In any case Including the celebration in the commercial calendar is a way to make the economy spin with the increase in sales and job creation. Cool huh? See also: get ready for 2022’s key business dates . Customer  Uganda Phone Number List day x consumer day it looks like the customer’s day promotions happened one of these days. Doesn’t it? Well. Confusion is common because there is another very similar date in the first semester: consumer day . Take a good look: consumer day is celebrated on march 15th and has already become a kind of black friday in the first half of the year. Just to give you an idea of the success. In 2022. Brazilian commerce earned brl 7.2 billion in the fortnight of the celebration. On occasion. Users expect devastating discounts.

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The customer day celebration

On the other hand Takes place six months later on september 15th and has a different focus. The date does not move as many figures as consumer day. But it also presents opportunities to strengthen ties with the customer. Next We will explain Gulf Phone Number List the difference between customer and consumer and you will understand better. Worth reading: what we learned from black friday 2021. What is the difference between customer and consumer? Customer and consumer are not the same thing! It’s true that we use the two terms synonymously—and there’s nothing wrong with that. However. In this period in particular. It is good to remember that the customer has stronger bonds with the company compared to the consumer. Did not understand? Don’t worry We’ll explain Take a good look according to the consumer protection code (cdc).

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