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What to Do If You Are New for Selling Digital Marketing Services?

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What to Do If You Are New for Selling Digital Marketing Services?

If your agency is quite new and you do not have many clients yet  Belgium Business Phone List, do not worry as you can follow this simple outline to discovering your ideal potential customer or “avatar”:

  1. Make up a name for your avatar, something simple such as Sarah, Jane, Chris, or Mark. This helps you present the avatar to your team.
  2. Do a split test study on three main types of potential clients or target markets. This way you can track analytics and see which one suits your agency best.
  3. Create what their budget will be, and what their goals and objectives are. This could be either to reach more engagement, create more sales, or increase brand awareness.
  4. Remember that your target audience is real, while you may have “created” your specific avatar, this is a representation of a real potential customer ready to purchase your services.Belgium Business Phone List

Remember that your agency cannot be something to everyone, but it can be everything to someone. Narrowing in on your niche is a crucial component of having a successful digital marketing agency. Over 70% of businesses are undergoing a digital transformation in 2020, which means there are more than enough clients ready to purchase your services.

Find Your Clients In the Right Areas

After you discover who your ideal customer is, you will know the best places to find them and approach them with your services. If your ideal client is a millennial, you will find them on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and on their websites. If your ideal client is a generation older, then you may find them on the online Yellowpages, Facebook, their website, in person, and local directories.

One of the methods of selling your digital marketing services is to get your agency listed on DAN. DAN (Digital Agency Network) is an all-in-one platform for digital agencies, where you are listed by your location and are easily found by business owners that need your services.

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