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What should you do before updating WordPress

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What should you do before updating WordPress

We tell you the precautions you should take before updating WordPress mobile number database pdf. Whether you have a personal blog or a corporate website made in WordPress, you will see that when you enter the control panel there are a lot of notifications warning you to update your website. We are going to help you make them disappear.

The reason that you have so many pending updates in your management area is probably because you are afraid to update. But don’t worry, it’s normal and we understand you. When you have a website made in WordPress, the probability that everything will crash when updating to the latest version of WordPress is high enough to be careful.
precautions before updating wordpress

Why you should update WordPress and your plugins
If everything indicates that updating can make my website stop working correctly, why should I update.

It is absolutely logical to think like this, and in fact in most cases our recommendation is “if something works, don’t touch it”. So what is the problem here?

Security problems: Many of the updates are aimed at correcting a security flaw, so not updating can mean that the web is hacked or that confidential information is stolen.
Compatibility errors: Another reason why updating is quite logical, things can stop working at any time. Keeping everything up to date and using trusted plugins that are updated on a regular basis will help to avoid compatibility issues.
New features: Web developers do not like to work for work, so if we launch a new version, it is to improve the previous one. Either with functionalities, design or usability.
Notifications are very annoying: If you enter your website continuously to publish or make modifications, having ten notifications always there is quite annoying. It is as if you continuously have an unread WhatsApp. I go crazy!
Even so, if your website is totally static, you do not keep confidential information and you do not want to get into an eleven-rod shirt or hire someone to do the maintenance for you. Our advice is to make a backup for emergencies and forget about the web. Gulf Phone Number List

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