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What is your approach to social media

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What is your approach to social media

Numbers are an important part, but people are the main focus We constantly talk about strategies digital marketing , their implementation and the Sweden Phone Number List measurement of the results of the planned actions, as a process that must necessarily follow these steps in order to have a clear objective. And okay, that’s the expected and tested circuit, so far.

However, if all this only translates into ROI (return on investment) and no future projection is generated, the result is mediocre, to say the least. Yes, because the great dream – which we turn into a long-term goal – is an audience that is not only active at times, but also faithful. We do not get anything with a group of followers coming to our store and buying the offers, but the following week they go to the competition. That is why it is vital to strengthen ties.

The numbers are interesting, but participation is a reflection of the ‘engagement’ or commitment that the brand has generated with its followers. For this reason, we insist on the point of ‘quality’ rather than the ‘quantity’ of followers. Because bringing people together is relatively easy on Facebook or Twitter, but getting them to participate, give their opinion and support is more complicated.

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Now, by opting for what David Cuen (BBC) calls “the intangible,” the pressure is apparently less, but the ultimate goal still depends on the initial plan. According to Cuen, at the BBC, which has opted for the intangible, they seek above all interactivity with their readers and to achieve that, planning requires evaluating content to deliver the best every day, so that they “reflect” the voice of their followers.

The experience of this medium, applied to any company, brings us to the most important point of social networks : the focus on people. And that means engaging them and making room for them in our content, either by participating directly in their creation or allowing them to openly comment on the subject.

As the focus is on people, it is much more likely that Phone Number List they will share the experience with their peers and that will attract more people, but it will not be just any type, but like-minded followers who have come through contact. Facebook implemented a question for friend requests in the people-account, which invites you to answer if you know who is requesting to be part of your group. If more than two people say they don’t know you physically, you are blocked for three days.

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