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What is NOT a wordpress template

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What is NOT a wordpress template

There is a general lack of knowledge when it comes to web pages  list of india numbers, wordpress and we talk about templates, probably because of the meaning of the word template.

When we think of a template in general, we imagine a blank page full of boxes, spaces for images, empty buttons, etc … And these are the type of templates we are used to. Form-type pages where we fill in gaps according to our needs, sector, etc.

For better or for worse that is NOT a wordpress template, unfortunately a wordpress template is much more and usually does not come preconfigured, so to achieve a final, professional result that really looks like a web page we must design each section as such , page, header and menu of our website. At least in terms of the distribution of the elements.

In part, this has been driven by both template development companies and some web design agencies. The reason is that there are many templates that show a fully functional and finished website to be sold, some even include in their template the option to load all the configuration and content that is displayed on their Demo web page.

This can be done in a couple of clicks and many agencies sell web pages in this way, where they show the customer a modified “template” and then ask for the content to fill in the gaps.

Personally, I believe that the work of a web designer should go much further, and in our agency we try to make each web page different from the previous one, since each client is different and each business has different needs.

With this article, my goal was to clarify something that is sometimes not understood or taken for granted. And it is that the fact of working with “templates” does not imply that your website will have a “closed” design or that the website is “pre-designed”. In the first place, because to work with wordpress it is necessary to use a template and secondly, because with the same template you can create countless web pages, all different in functionality, sector, design and development. Gulf Phone Number List

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