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what is email marketing for

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what is email marketing for

What is direct email marketing (DEM)?
You’ve heard of direct email marketing canada mobile number, right? What does this term mean? The MOUs are contents sent by email, to a specific target audience, of a commercial nature.

It can be used to inform, and more generally to do lead nurturing, the DEM aims to sell. It is a kind of sales letter that is sent by email.


The best email marketing software
This is one of the key points for your strategy: choosing the email marketing platform, an effective service for creating and sending newsletters.

Today’s technology can help you in a thousand different ways, with in-depth analysis and automation tools. But it all comes down to this: choosing the right email marketing software for your needs. Any useful name? We suggest Mailrelay.

Mailrelay’s functionalities are perfect to help you increase your sales through email marketing.

It is impossible to talk about the Mailrelay.com tool and not comment on its free account, in which they offer you just for registering:

Sending up to 15,000 emails per month
Possibility of uploading and managing up to 3,000 contacts
From there, if a greater volume of sending is necessary, you can follow them on social networks, and the limits for sending emails will multiply until you get:

Sending up to 75,000 emails per month
Possibility of uploading and managing up to 15,000 contacts
All this, for free and without inserting advertising in your mailings.

Why just this show? There are dozens of being Gulf Phone Number List

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