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What is email marketing and its best practices

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What is email marketing and its best practices

Emailing or email marketing is a digital communication tool in which mass emails are sent to a contact base belgium phone number

These emails are for the purpose of advertising, such as communicating promotions or publicizing a product or brand

Contrary to what many people think, emailing has not stopped gaining momentum as an effective marketing tool.

In this video I will tell you about some tips so that your email marketing campaigns are very successful

#1. Emailing is only for those who want it

Consider that sending emails to recipients who have not agreed to receive them is what you can do talking about email marketing. For example, in the European Union asking for consent is not just a choice but a legal obligation.

In other regions such as Latin America, there are also similar regulations that involve legal considerations.

In addition, spam to contacts who do not want to receive your emails will generate a negative reaction

#two. Take good care of your contact lists

Initial consent is the first stage of an effective mailing campaign. The next step is to include a button with the ability to unsubscribe visible in each email.

Do not see it as a risk, see it as a long-term investment to form a list of contacts who are really interested in your content

Afterwards, it will be important to keep the contact database updated in real time, and take care of other aspects such as bounces or contact segmentation

#3. Focus on customization

Each person will have their own reasons for subscribing to your mailing list. Some may be interested in your informative content or others in your specific offers and discounts. Therefore, sending the same message to everyone is not a good idea.

Something as simple as calling them by name already means a change in the attitude with which they will read your emails.

But that is not enough, customization is constant work.

You can use different criteria to group your recipients based on their age, gender, date of last purchase, type of product of interest, etc.

If you have enough resources, you can go further and use more complex criteria. For example, send an email only to users who clicked on the email, those who abandoned the shopping cart

With advanced emailing tools, the possibilities are practically endless.

#4. Don’t neglect the design

The design of an email depends a lot on the profile of the recipient to whom it is addressed, the tone of communication of the company and other variables

Since starting to design an attractive email from scratch takes time and requires technical knowledge, a good practice is to use design templates as a basis. The options are innumerable and are adapted to different purposes, such as newsletters, special offers, announcing events, etc.

Also, the templates do not restrict creative freedom too much: most of them offer a lot of customization possibilities.

#5. Concise content with a call to action

The person who reads is not going to stay long. Forget long messages and get to the point

When you write your email you must be concise and clear

Even if you include emotional elements in the message, do not forget the rational. Make it clear what benefit the reader can get from that message: read an article, attend an event, take advantage of an offer, answer a survey, etc.

Be careful with spam words like gift, free, best price, earn money, seen on TV, etc. Because it can send you to spam

On the other hand, you should never forget a call to action (CTA) so that the receiver is clear about what to do at all times. You need to know what is the next step to take advantage of the benefit of your email

The call to action must be clear, visible and may contain incentives to accelerate the decision

# 6. Evaluate and never stop improving

Another advantage of email marketing is its potential to measure results

The reports of the email marketing tools give you all kinds of data; open rate, click-through rate on links, canceled subscriptions or the location of the email readers, among others.

Analyzing all this data in conjunction with the segmentation of your audience will provide you with very valuable information to evaluate your campaigns.

With these data you will have resources so that your emailing campaign never stops improving.

Another very useful resource that should not be overlooked when evaluating mailing campaigns is A / B testing.

Which, in short, consists of sending different messages to different groups of recipients and comparing which of them obtains better results.

A clear example would be to change the title in the subject of the email to see which one works Gulf Phone Number List

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