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What is a website and its types?

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What is a website and its types?

A website is defined as a collection of web pages that are related to a domain found on the Internet. In other words how to look up cell phone numbers in canada, whenever a “World Wide Web” or “www” is used, we would be entering a website.

In turn, inside the website, various information is reflected, which is in a hierarchy with a specific structure. Nowadays, this hierarchy can vary according to the design of the interface.

Usually, on the website you will find a home or home page, starting from this, you can navigate through different links that will take you from page to page, each of them are linked to the main site.

Currently, it is possible to access a website from various devices with an Internet connection. Also, you should not forget that all web spaces are hosted on a server or host.

Those pages of a website are linked by links, which are developed starting from one or more menus. It is for this reason that various differences are found between a website and a web page.

This is because, on a web page, we do not have the possibility of entering any website address only by sliding on the scroll bars of the screen, but it has to be accessed through various links that will direct us to the content. that we want to locate.

It should be noted that, whoever wishes to develop a website, must make navigation through the site very simple, especially if the site contains a lot of information and links, thus improving the experience of users who visit the web.

Something that must be taken into account about websites, is the index, for example, Google does not have the ability to index a website in its entirety. You must notify google through the Search Console, the existence of your website, from that moment google is in charge of crawling your site from time to time, to find the different web pages that make it up and index each one of them. they.

A good way to optimize a website is by integrating clear but simple images, quality content and keywords that cover enough on the subject in question, this is what will make your pages appear in search results, giving you authority to your website. Gulf Phone Number List

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