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What is a web page and its types?

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What is a web page and its types?

A web page is understood as a document found on the Internet canada phone number, which is the content of a text, a variety of images, audios, etc., are each one of the urls that we can find on the Internet and can be viewed from computers or mobile devices.

In order to create a web page, it is necessary to know about various programming languages, be they PHP, HTML or ASP. These languages ​​are captured by browsers, which provide visual content for users or Internet users to visit the page.

Web pages are the documents found within a website, linked through internal links, this is what allows a better understanding of the difference between these two concepts.

There are at least two types of web pages:

Static: which is characterized by being managed by a programmer manually, either through editing programs or programming language codes. Generally, these types of pages are usually added extra elements every so often, otherwise they could be obsolete. They are not recommended pages to work with digital marketing.
Dynamic: this page is connected to a central database, so all your information can be managed in a more optimal and automated way. Usually the PHP language is used to carry out the corresponding programming tasks. Its use is highly recommended to establish connections with clients and / or users. On the other hand, to be able to carry out programming tasks with these pages, professional experience is required, rarely can website editors collaborate with the administration of these pages.
Likewise, the dynamics are classified as public and private; the former are available at a general level so that anyone can access as long as they have access to the Internet; private dynamics are only available to a limited number of users.

Another way to classify web pages is according to the technology they use. These can be:

HTML web pages
Flash web pages
Web pages in server language (PHP, ASP, among others) Gulf Phone Number List

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