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What is a hosting and what is it for?

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What is a hosting and what is it for?

Well mobile number user name list, a web hosting is a service where a provider rents you a server connected to the Internet and in which you can host all kinds of files so that they can be accessed via the Internet. A simile that I like to do is that of an external hard drive with an internet connection, so that we can understand each other. This would be similar to copying these files to a local folder on your computer, but with the difference that in this case that folder is on the provider’s server and its content is therefore visible on the Internet (as long as you allow is visible).

The most typical use of a hosting is to create a website (which, in reality, is nothing more than a set of files in HTML format that are web pages), but you can also use your hosting simply to allow the download of any other thing (PDF documents, MP3 files of audio, video, etc.)

Apart from the basic file hosting services, a hosting service includes other services of great value.

Among them, the most important are the following:

An email server that allows you to have email accounts with your own domain name.
Hosting of web applications based on PHP and databases to create generalist websites, blogs, online stores or discussion forums, to name some of the most important applications.
Access via FTP to store and download files.
Create virtual disks, that is, create cloud storage with your own hosting service to access as if you had it on your computer.
Well, now that we know (more or less) what a hosting is, we are going to choose one. An entrepreneur must ask himself many questions before hiring a hosting and later those same questions must be asked to the hosting provider that he is thinking of hiring. As usually happens in these cases, the normal thing is that you have no idea where to start, or what requirements your web server should have, so we leave you a list of the questions you should ask yourself to choose a suitable hosting. Gulf Phone Number List

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