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What is a CMS and which one do I choose?

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What is a CMS and which one do I choose?

A CMS is nothing more than software to manage content how to call a german phone number. This software also allows the management of web pages easily and simply.

There are CMS for all types of pages: blogs, online stores, etc. Through a CMS, you can manage your content without problem, and without having to know how to program.

In case you want to develop a professional blog, I can recommend WordPress. It is a CMS that was originally created to be used by bloggers. Although at present, it serves as the basis for business websites, online stores, etc.

When creating your blog in WordPress, you will be able to customize it, not only in terms of design, but also by adding new functions. In addition, this CMS allows you to configure certain aspects in order to have a higher position in Google.

Domain name
It is the address or URL of your blog, through which users can access it. Through WordPress.com, you can get a domain totally free. This will take the form: <domainname> .wordpress.com.

But if you do not want to have “wordpress” in your domain, you can opt for some of the paid options. Among them: <domainname> .com, <domainname> .org, etc. Similarly, you could buy a domain on your own, which is configured to lead to your blog at wordpress.com.

In the case of wordpress.org, you must buy your own domain to create your blog.

Hosting to create a blog in 2019 Hosting is the space in which all the information regarding your website is stored. While the domain is the address of your blog, the hosting is where it is located. It is needed to create a blog, otherwise your domain will lead nowhere.

If you create a blog on wordpress.com, it will be hosted on the servers of that platform. In this case you will not be able to store your blog on a private hosting.

On the other hand, with wordpress.org you need to hire a hosting service. You must download (free) the latest version of wordpress, which is the CMS software, and then upload it to your hosting.

To learn more about hostings and how to choose the best one, we invite you to go to expertinhosting.com, a website that is responsible for analyzing and recommending the best web hosting services. Gulf Phone Number List

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