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What if they google you? 5 tips to manage your online reputation

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What if they google you? 5 tips to manage your online reputation

Everything that is said about you on the Internet is still there. Prioritize your content. Who has not searched someone’s name on Google? It is enough that Iran Phone Number List they recommend you to a person – in any field, from a job to a romantic date – for you to want more information about them and, obviously, the first tool that you find at hand is Google. For this reason, experts recommend taking certain precautions.

According to Kevin Nakao , CEO of Meritshare , all head hunters and companies looking for an employee, Google their applicants and therefore recommends five actions to manage your online reputation. Google your name . This way you will see your location in the search engine. 90% of people use only the first page. Then find out if there is anything negative about you on the next 10 pages. If your name is very common, the expert recommends using the initial of the middle name on LinkedIn, in the profile and in the resume to be differentiated.

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Edit your name on LinkedIn . Make sure that the link of your profile on LinkedIn corresponds to your name so that it can appear in the first places of the search engine. If your link does not have the following formula look for the edit option and transform it. Select and block information. Depending on where your information is located, you can hide some results. On Facebook, for example, you just have to mark the content that you are not interested in broadcasting as private or with access only to friends. Paid services like Reputation Changer allow you to remove unwanted content.

Prioritize what you want to show. According to Nakao, sites like Brandyourself give you the opportunity to choose which results will appear in the Phone Number List first places of the search engine. Visify is another good tool for turning your relevant personal data from Twitter or FB into infographics.

Promote your experience. Spread your talents through a blog, answer questions and / or comment on articles, either on social networks expert or on sites that partner with your industry. By having a public profile, those comments that show your professional skills, your contributions and interactions will be recorded by Google, which also reviews social activity to assign places in its ranking.

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