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What does TikTok offer for brands?

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What does TikTok offer for brands?

The first thing is the large number of active users presented by the platform and Kuwait Email List, especially, the large number of active young users that make this social network the most important currently among the adolescent public. If we have a product / service with which we want to reach Generation Z, we must have a presence on TikTok yes or yes.

If we go to another target, it should be considered when designing the social media strategy because, lately, we see how millennials are also starting to use TikTok and the presence of influencers / instagrammers like Maria Pombo is more and more frequent.

Among the advantages of TikTok over other social networks we also find the immersion experience it offers. Being video format and with audio playing a predominant role, the user has all his attention focused on what he is seeing, which is a real treat for any advertiser.

In addition, unlike predecessor social networks, TikTok is not so much part of your network of contacts or of your followers, but it bases the content it shows mainly on algorithms to retain the user with content of their interest. Thus, it is an experience of incessant discovery, where brand content emerges more naturally than in other networks.

From the videos with which the user interacts or views, Artificial Intelligence is responsible for presenting more and more content. The algorithm not only shows what content to view, but it also serves to inspire you to create your own content from the trending hashtags of the moment, achieving high levels of engagement that also help brands in their actions on the platform. Therefore, it is easier to get content viralized here than on other networks, a golden opportunity for any brand, and for any user Gulf Phone Number List.

This explains why the time spent on TikTok is longer than on other networks. For example, according to 2018 data, the average duration of a session on TikTok was 294 seconds while on Instagram it was 144.

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