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What does it really mean and how much is a like worth

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What does it really mean and how much is a like worth

Although social media is booming, there is still a great challenge when measuring its performance. It is known that “everything” can be measured in the Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers digital domain, but not everything seems so simple and organic at the moment. “A key question is: what do ‘ really mean and how much are they worth likes ‘ ? Interesting approach when many digital marketing campaigns put their efforts only in harvesting likes as the only goal, beyond customer engagement and monetization. Challenge for marketers, designers and community managers .

In this regard, experts such as Matías Alpert, CEO of Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America of the company marketing digital Neo Ogilvy , affirms: “the frenzied hunt in recent years for“ likes ”is not considering a vital point: It should not be a target to be achieved, but rather an organic result – and potentially an indicator – of a strong and meaningful relationship between consumers and the brand . We should be exploring the different ways of measuring in Social Media to give another meaning to its meaning and get more out of the opportunities offered by this new context ”.

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A fundamental question regarding the measurement of performance in the life of social networks, is the custom of the world marketing to work with generally universal, durable and comparable indicators: “Of course it is possible to look for those comparable and significant concepts. performance in social media as well, but they are far from being as simple and direct, as the level of engagement that can be generated with relevant consumers. What most of the tools and the best experts defend is that it requires a higher level of commitment than we are used to in strategic planning of what and why we want to measure ”, adds Alpert.

And he adds: “As this is a young and emerging industry, you may not be able to find one or more tools that will dominate all the others and be the best for most purposes. But surely there will be a place to find very good and interesting tools. You have to take a more active role in measuring Social Media , at least until the market consolidation process pays off. Until then, we may have to use a series of tools that work as a team, or work with raw data and design our own series of rules to find the desired meanings ”.

In short, the challenge for marketers is on the Phone Number List one hand, designing strategies that not only connect but are reflected in the customer’s cash register; for designers it is not only how the dynamics looks or how graphically it appears but what call to action is being sent; and for community managers, what qualitative goal does the strategy pursue, beyond the sum of likes within the page Facebook of the account being managed.

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