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What do Einstein Colombia WhatsApp Number List and the founder of Craigslist have in common

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What do Einstein Colombia WhatsApp Number List and the founder of Craigslist have in common

Pushing boundaries is always something  worth putting your heart into. In fact, even the giants have never stopped expanding their territories and meeting the unknown for a moment, such as Disney doing robot animation, Tesla establishing an energy company, and Amazon developing retail store business.

How important is the extension of boundaries? How to stay motivated and pioneering state? What points should be paid attention to in low-cost trial and error and exploration?

The following story from JotForm founder Aytekin Tank may give you some inspiration.

1. Step out of the comfort zone and keep the competence zone

First question: What do Einstein and the founder of Craigslist have in common?

Craigslist: Craigslist, the website  page is only presented in text, but because of massive information, high user activity and practical and convenient publishing experience, it has become one of the largest classified information websites in the world.

One is a physicist, and the other is an Internet product. The common denominator is that “great ideas are born from small but persistent attempts”:

In 1905, Einstein was still a full-time office worker, reviewing patent applications and working six days a week. But outside of work, he spent all his personal time studying and experimenting in physics before publishing his world-famous theory of relativity.

Four Elements: Circle of Competence Development Handboo

Colombia WhatsApp Number List
Colombia WhatsApp Number List

First of all, it must be clear that it is impossible to “find” time, and time can only be “squeezed”. There is no time when you can fully devote yourself to Colombia WhatsApp Number List a personal project. Fortunately, it is not important. The exploration of the boundaries of the business starts from a young age and accumulates sand into a tower over the years.

For me, the day job never stopped me from moving forward with this project, when I Colombia WhatsApp Number List  got up at 6am every morning to answer user questions before going to work. It can even said that it “wake up by a dream”.


There will always be a squeeze of time. A time-use principle is: personal interest plus the real needs of users, the intersection is the breakthrough that you should spend time on.

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