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What data can be analyzed?

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What data can be analyzed?

There is a lot of data that can be obtained and analyzed to measure the results of digital marketing campaigns and calculate ROI mobile number list download. A drive-to-store campaign is capable of providing the following KPIs that provide very valuable information on its effectiveness:

Natural and incremental visits to the store.
CPV (cost per visit) and CPIV (cost per incremental visit)
Frequency of store visits.
Average time spent in store.
Distance traveled to go to the store and the time and day with the most influx.
Number of digital impacts before making a visit to the store.
Incremental Visits Rate: The Definitive Measure

It is very important to consider the difference between natural and incremental store visits before starting to measure the results of a drive-to-store campaign. The customer who visits a store on a daily basis is not the same customer as the one who visits it as a result of a digital marketing campaign. The relevant visits here are the latter, as they carry a cost and it is vitally important to know how to calculate it.

The rate of incremental visits is one of the most important indicators to consider when analyzing the results of a campaign. One of the most efficient ways to do this is to apply the Uplift methodology, which is based on the comparison of the behavior of users exposed to the campaign and those not exposed. As can be expected, the most relevant users are those exposed to the digital marketing campaign.

Thus, each retail must have a control group made up of randomly selected unexposed users. These customers must have the same profile as those who will be impacted by the digital marketing campaign. This indicator will show the difference between the conversion percentage of control users and the conversion percentage of exposed users, represented by an increase in their conversion in the store.Gulf Phone Number List

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