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What capacity do I need for my hosting?

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What capacity do I need for my hosting?

For your website to have a good presence on the Internet, the response time of your server should not be very high mobile phone number database india, this means that a user who arrives at your website, if it takes too long to load, will abandon it since they will think that it does not it works properly and this will contribute to deteriorating your brand image and will make you lose customers. So it is important that you look for a hosting provider that offers enough disk space for your website to run well. It is also important a hosting with SSD disks and a good amount of ram memory.

Of course, it all depends on the traffic your website is going to generate. If you don’t have more than 300 visits per month, you won’t need too many requirements. At IONOS we can find Hosting plans starting at 50Gb, 512Mb of ram, SSL certificate and a free domain for only € 3 per month.

Secure hosting and Https?
Many entrepreneurs decide to set up an ecommerce or an online store, hence security is the flagship of their business, since it must preserve the personal data of customers, as well as their bank or financial details. In these cases it is very important to hire a hosting that is safe and that includes these variables among its key points, as well as protection of personal data, passwords and logins or credit card data, etc.

In addition, recently Google has announced that it will begin to give great importance to websites that use secure https protocols, therefore both in terms of security and for the positioning of your website in different search engines and SEO, it is important that your provider of hosting allows https either for free or as an additional service. Gulf Phone Number List

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