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Well, common sense to continue attracting our audience and ask ourselves the following questions

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Well, common sense to continue attracting our audience and ask ourselves the following questions

What would my audience like me to do?
How can I help my audiences? How can I be sensitive?
How is the pandemic affecting my audience?
Have your priorities changed?
How can I better communicate my product / service to that audience?
The study also reveals that 75% of people want to know how brands are reacting to Papua New Guinea Email List the current pandemic. And another 78% are urging brands to take care of their employees during this time. How should this affect my brand? A quick response coupled with timely information updates will help audiences increase trust (companies reporting that teleworking has been decreed to protect employees’ health, department store news about measures being taken to keep your customers safe…). It is important not to be left behind and more so if the competition is being agile.

We are facing one of the most vulnerable and sensitive situations in recent times and any business movement that might suggest that this situation is being used to benefit a business can have disastrous effects on the reputation of that brand. It is time to carefully examine the strategy because the public is not going to forgive or forget. Better to focus your efforts on genuinely helping your audience. People will no doubt remember helpfulness and kindness long after this crisis has passed.

We live in times of fragility and uncertainty and we have to begin to assume that this is not a parenthesis, as at first it seemed it was going to be. We are facing a great opportunity to communicate because there is a huge change in context and it is time to place and position your brand in this new reality. When everything is established and positions consolidated, it is more difficult to gain a foothold, but now there is a change and it must be seen as an opportunity for brands. We are heading toward a stage where purpose is more important than ever and society and our audiences will never forget what is done now. It will not be so much what the brands do but the soul they put when they do it. Behaviors and habits are changing forever and the mental levers that activate the behaviors of audiences are going to be different. As a consequence, communication has to adjust to that change and adapt Gulf Phone Number List.

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