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VPS servers mounted on Apache

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VPS servers mounted on Apache

The virtual hosting technique allows a single web server to “host” multiple websites (and / or applications) mobile phone number search canada, which will share, according to the appropriate management policies, the processing resources of the server itself.

Consolidating multiple services on a single machine is a commonly adopted practice because it optimizes the use of available hardware resources. Without virtual hosting, a new server machine would need to be activated for each new web site or application, resulting in increased costs and possible under-utilization of hardware resources.

However, do not confuse virtual hosting with other virtualization or resource partitioning techniques (such as containers, virtual machines, etc.). Unlike the latter, which virtualize a complete environment, virtual hosting is limited to making services associated with different hosts coexist on the same Gulf Phone Number List machine. In the specific case of the web, virtual hosting is implemented by the web server, which will be duly configured to distinguish requests from abroad and classify them in the correct web site / web application.

The Apache web server has supported virtual hosting since the first version, and this feature has greatly contributed to its spread.

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