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Visual search: a step further in adapting to the user

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Visual search: a step further in adapting to the user

In a search scenario increasingly focused on e-commerce and with Google prioritizing Shopping results in its attempt to compete with Amazon as an entry point to online shopping can i buy a phone number, visual searches are gaining traction. This trend will mean a necessary adaptation of digital content by advertisers. They haven’t gotten off the ground yet, but consumers are increasingly placing a premium on visual results over text results.
We define a visual search as one that allows the user to search for an item (or something similar to it) by uploading a photo to the search engine for the store in question. These searches come to continue influencing, along with voice searches, how advertisers must arrange their content so that the user finds what they are looking for as soon as possible.

At Performics, in our Intent LabTM, we wanted to discover the impact on user behavior of image searches, and what measures are recommended to arrive first in this unstoppable obstacle course.

Performics created the Intent LabTM in 2016 in collaboration with Northwestern University to uncover consumer intentions on their conversion journey. The objective was to find an academic, reliable and data-based basis that would allow to reinforce the relevance of the brand and its relationship with the user through the knowledge of their behavior and their decision-making processes. Since then, and thanks to the success of this collaboration, our Intent LabTM continues to develop highly relevant studies that allow us to develop our marketing strategies based on their scientific results.

In this case, the Intent LabTM has allowed us to know that not only are voice searches on the rise, but that visual searches are ranking at the same level. 36% of the participants had done visual searches in the last month, the same percentage of users who had done voice searches.

This trend towards visual searches is marked by the penetration of mobile phones, the main source device for visual searches (53%). In general, consumers prefer visual information to text when buying, especially in the case of clothing and furniture (85% of respondents), being very useful when comparing. For 37% of the participants, trust is the main factor when conducting visual searches, followed by privacy (26%). Gulf Phone Number List

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