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Virtual or real, marketing is about connection

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Virtual or real, marketing is about connection

Everyone is aware of the COVID-19 situation. There are enough experts working on how it will turn out and how best to combat its effects. For us, it is now a part of the reality we must accept and adjust to.

Among other things, the situation has helped us understand the important role of digital in marketing and in providing a memorable customer experience French Email Lists. It is time we went beyond the excitement of “unboxing” as it were. We need to get back to the important in-person aspects of marketing. We can’t let digital overshadow those.

Let us dust off the good old principles of marketing. It is about delivering outcomes for our organization and experiences for our customers. Digital marketing is not a different arm or entity. It is a tool we shall continue to use.

Data is big, and the talk of how big data can be transformative never seems to ebb. Technology has opened several channels to know the customer, their likes and dislikes. However, all those numbers are at best a starting point.

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How do you plan to use that data to connect with the customer? How do you plan to provide a great customer experience right through the customer’s journey with you? Will you let a cold device do it for you? Or are you willing to share a human smile and (an even more human) sob together as we all go through a terrible time that does not seem to end? Will you let technology be the excuse to stay away or figure out how it can give you new opportunity to touch a customer’s life when it matters most and in a manner that is memorable?

The revolution is not in making better use of videoconferencing. It is about using all those devices of connectivity to get closer to the customer and to provide a better, more valuable experience. For example, once it was not easy to fix up a meeting between the customer and the subject matter expert. Now it is simply a matter of getting a common time slot and adding the SME (or all relevant executives) to the call.

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