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Vimeo launches its own tool for live streaming broadcasts

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Vimeo launches its own tool for live streaming broadcasts

The video streaming platform Vimeo wants to compete in the live streaming sector, a field where rival brands arrived before, Facebook Live, YouTube and even Twitter already have a presence. The video platform streaming Vimeo wants to compete in the Bahrain Mobile Database sector live streaming , a field where rival brands arrived before, Facebook Live, YouTube and even Twitter already have a presence. We know that social media has become one of the preferred channels for brands to contact audiences . Among the diverse charity of resources that these types of platforms offer, one that is gaining popularity is live streaming .

In the case of Vimeo, owned by InterActiveCorp. announced that it reached an agreement to acquire the platform Livestream , specialized in live video technology. This, along with the launch of Vimeo Live , a new tool live streaming to allow its users to broadcast live video. Bahrain Mobile Number List

The objective is to compete in this segment in which other platforms such as have gained ground YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, even Twitter . Although, the idea of ​​is not to reach all users, but a specific group of audience.

The commitment to live streaming is a clear response to user behavior, Vimeo is a very popular platform among professional and semi-professional content creators, so this new option can provide its users with new ways of creating audiovisual pieces.

It is clear that this format will continue grow in engagement, the data thus indicate a recent study of GlobalWebIndex, it indicates that 28 percent of Internet users acknowledge that have seen the least live on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram ( grew 8 percent compared to 2016) and this trend is expected to continue.

For Vimeo Live , the purpose is to allow professional and semi-professional creators in their different forms of payment, to capture, edit, transmit and archive their live events.

In addition, it plans to converge both platforms, on the one hand, it will be possible to continue using tools such as the Brother Cell Phone List Mevo camera and Studio Studio to broadcast your events directly on Vimeo, and connect to social networks. Meanwhile, once the event is over, they will be able to put a purchase, rental, or subscription version. The bet is clear, it is to target a more professional market, Livestream has on its website as clients brands the size of Nike, Tesla, The New York Times, BBC, Spotify, Nasdaq, TED, World Economic Forum, Time Warner, Deloitte, Marvel , among others.

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