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‘Video Sales Letter Funnel’ or ‘Video Sales Letter Funnel’

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‘Video Sales Letter Funnel’ or ‘Video Sales Letter Funnel’

The ‘Video Sales Letter Funnel’ is one of the most popular currently, but why? First, because it is a conversion funnel how to get a uk mobile phone number, the video allows you to explain many things about a product or service, in a way professional, in a short time and direct, and it is convenient to have the Video Letter mode, because under the video you can include other factors that you want the user to know about your product or service, in this way what is being said is complemented in the video with what they are showing on the page.

The difference of this funnel is that at the end of the page there is a form of contact, to try to make a sale immediately, it must be taken into account that the information displayed on the page has to be of a high value or to solve a specific problem so that the client can make their decision immediately. But if a good exposure of the product or service is made through video, half the work is already done to make the sale.

If we have learned something about sales funnels, it is that when you make a sale, it never hurts to make an ‘Additional Sale Page’, in this way we can obtain a greater economic benefit for each client, since there will be people who do not take the promotion but there are going to be people who take it to have a discount on other services.

If the client did not accept the ‘Additional Sale’ or ‘Upsell’, we offer the client a ‘Resale’ or ‘Downsell’ to make a decision on the additional service that we are offering, the main thing is to make it easier for the user accepting these new services, that is why in the image there is a big yellow button that says: “Improve your order Now”

As a final step in this ‘funnel’, the user accesses a ‘Order Confirmation’ page, where they can view a receipt for their order and other products that may be of interest to the customer. Gulf Phone Number List

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