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User research process logic Uruguay Phone Number

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User research process logic Uruguay Phone Number

User research is an interdisciplinary discipline involving psychology. Sociology. Anthropology. And social statistics. However The research object is the target group – the people who will use the given product/service. Sociology divides the aggregation of people into three forms: family. However Organization and group. And the cohesion and stability gradually become weaker. Groups are looser collections of people with collective psychology and collective behavior (le bon). However The purpose of user research is to explore the needs and usage feelings of such groups for a specific target (product or service) through the classification and demand analysis of target groups.



User needs

So as to complete the design of products and Uruguay Phone Number services. There is a difference between user research and consumer customer research.  However The latter focuses on consumption behavior rather than usage behavior. And the purpose is to sell a product better. Not to do (design) it better. Consumer research chooses tv purchase decision makers. Such as mothers. As the research object. Obtains their aesthetics. Fashion and interests. However And gives a promotion and sales plan. The user research takes all the users of the tv as the research object.


Uruguay Phone Number
Uruguay Phone Number


The target group

However And gives a product innovation scheme Uruguay Phone Number suitable for all scene roles. User research is the exploration of the psychology and behavior of a target group. Based on the logic of lifestyle-scenario-use situation . It is unfolded sequentially. Including not only the design input before the product . But also the research on user purchase behavior ; it also includes the user satisfaction analysis of after-sales service . Which provides arguments and suggestions for the complete process of user experience. Argument. Logic refers to the rules of human thinking. And the logic of user research includes two parts: process logic and research logic.

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