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User Psychology Research: Why Changsha Mobile Phone Number List They Don’t Like You?

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User Psychology Research: Why Changsha Mobile Phone Number List They Don’t Like You?

“After the rough housing inspection of these 8 places. Developers are afraid! “. The popularity index is 93.4. The number of likes is 142w. And the number of retweets is 11.7w. This data is eye-catching for a video with a duration of 55s. Figure: video deconstruction of “Home improvement buyer 007” At the beginning of the video. Suspenseful background music is use to set off the atmosphere and set the tone for revealing the secrets. By reproducing the scenes of daily house inspections. Users are used to their aversion to being deceive and arouse their curiosity to find out. Pave the way for the next series of actions. Entering the topic.


How to keep users from sliding away from your videos

And the number of Changsha Mobile Phone Number List retweets is 2.1w. Figure: deconstruction of the video “Renovation is not asking for help” The titles “Stealing”. “Private money”. And “Renovation” are all words that are easy to cause discussion. And the setting of the title can maximize the guidance of users to click. (the title of the video determines to a certain extent whether the user will stay or not. At the same time. The title is also viewed by the platform system. So as to determine which users to recommend as the initial traffic pool. And the corresponding tags are the factors recommended by the system. If you are interested in the research on popular titles. I will discuss this topic in a separate issue.)



Changsha Mobile Phone Number List

So which ones are more preferred by users and generally have higher likes?

“Stealing” seems to be very Changsha Mobile Phone Number List interesting. “Remodeling” is very popular recently. So take a look. Users continue to watch with curiosity. On average. There will be a small surprise every 7s. Which keeps the user’s emotions in a state of excitement. One after another. The small surprises exceed the user’s expectations. So the final praise is logical. . By deconstructing the psychological process of users watching videos-likes. It is not difficult to find some common points. And do these 3 steps to let users watch “Set incentives at the beginning of the video-insert some kind of motivation in fans’ hearts to establish expectations- – create the mental cognition to keep watching.” Figure: motivation. Incentive. Cause and effect The psychological process of fans is compose of many small actions.

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