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Useless expenses, annoying users: this is not how you can survive

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Useless expenses, annoying users: this is not how you can survive

The lack of transparency when it comes to consumer consent has created a high level of mistrust mobile number list for marketing, suggesting to us that brands have not always been correct in their decisions about where to put their advertising dollars. Digital marketing as it works today cannot survive this way.

Despite this very negative and bleak outlook, the solution to it is much simpler than one might think. In this sense, I would like to offer you a series of recommendations and good practices so that both the brands and the professionals who work in the sector can give it a spin and can redirect all of the above.

In the first place, obtaining the consent that the user must grant to receive marketing advertisements is key and cannot serve to deceive them or to hide other misleading clauses that appear in the Terms and Conditions. These notices should be very easy to understand. Before their data is collected, users must first give their consent. Can not it be a different way

Additionally, the industry should be the one who should offer a clear option to users: accept the collection of anonymous data and, as a result, receive personalized marketing. Paying a fair price in exchange for a free data collection and marketing environment. And finally and as a third option, they can choose not to share data and therefore receive irrelevant ads.

The intense research work that we have carried out at Ogury shows that it is necessary to transform digital marketing in a profound and global way. Consumers want to know what options they have and that once chosen, it is respected. Organizations that put consumer choice and data privacy at the center of their digital marketing actions will clearly outperform the competition in the long run. From a business point of view, this is not only best practice, it is also the only way this sector can survive in the post-GDPR era.Gulf Phone Number List

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