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Usability testing traceability Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number

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Usability testing traceability Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number

I have repeatedly mentione before that most of the current mainstream research methods of our experience design are transplante from sociology or psychology. And usability testing is directly derived from the “experimental method” of the housekeeping research method of cognitive psychology . However If a reader’s .career ideal in kindergarten when he was a child used to be “to be an experimenter. To be a scientist”. Then congratulations. However Being a designer can do usability testing. And to some extent. It can be regarde as a partial realization of your wish back then.





Give yourself some encouragement

The basic idea of ​​cognitive psychology is to understand people’s psychological activities as a set of information processing Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number systems like precision machinery. And the various parts in it can be disassemble and studie separately: such as people’s attention. Memory. Or a certain feeling. Many of its research contents are very microscopic concepts and phenomena. These (short-term) phenomena occur very quickly and are disturbed by various factors in the natural environment. Making it difficult to measure. Therefore. In order to establish a strong causal relationship between phenomena or concepts. Cognitive psychology.



Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number
Bosnia and herzegovina phone number

As a discipline spanning

However the two fields of social sciences and natural sciences. Has learned from natural sciences and developed very mature controlled experimental techniques (including our the more common eye tracker experiments). This method was later radiate to various other social disciplines. And the term “Field experiments” (natural experiments/social experiments) was born. The idea is very similar to the ab test we often do today. Let’s take the “Cute kitten theory” in our previous article as an example. Suppose you are a very talented psychologist and find that the cuteness of kittens will affect people’s physical and mental health. The more cute cats are. The better the physical and mental health.

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