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Understand customer acquisition Jordan Phone Number execution with marketing logic: make small and big, make big and real

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Understand customer acquisition Jordan Phone Number execution with marketing logic: make small and big, make big and real

There is no need to talk about the strategic value of customer acquisition. Every brand knows the importance of customer acquisition when thinking strategically. But what is easy to overlook is that if this is a job of strategic significance. Then it is normalized. And it is done every year. Every month. Every day. Rather than just thinking of it and then Jordan Phone Number making up for it. However. Today’s more confusion may still focus on the tactical level. Customer acquisition is a big problem for both online and offline brands. When it comes to acquiring customers.



 Make the small bigger: anchor a “small” demand

Similar but different strategic ideas will appear. Such Jordan Phone Number as theme first. Content first. And channel first. None of these ideas are wrong. But the question is whether they are suitable or not. It seems like a commonplace to talk about customer acquisition from a marketing perspective. But in these cases. It is easy to ignore the attributes of the communication level. And it becomes a naked “Pulling people”. Which is unavoidable. This is sales. Not marketing. Customer acquisition is a work that crosses the two attributes of communication and marketing.

Jordan phone number
Jordan phone number


Second, the process: do a “real” a big event

How a message is delivered to the target audience and prompts the ta to complete the final action. Communication comes first. Marketing comes after. Whether it is from the level of communication or marketing to operate customer acquisition. There is nothing wrong. But if we cut in from the communication level. We often fall into an inertial accusation: not grounded. Where it is easier to get confused is that customer acquisition is considered at a strategic level. Then. Understanding customer acquisition execution with marketing logic may eliminate some confusion.

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