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Uncertainty creates opportunities

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Uncertainty creates opportunities

But it also destroys them. What we are experiencing Mexico Email List, the confinement and confusion of our lives, of companies, of the economy,… surpasses any of the moments of uncertainty that we have experienced in the last hundred years. Maybe more. It is difficult to objectify. But what is not debatable is that the future traced by the appearance of this pandemic has surpassed and will surpass, predictably, the drawing that we made ourselves – as naive as María that night – to explain to ourselves that the world, after the crisis of the 2007 and the volatility of recent years, would stop being solid to become liquid. The greatness of naivety is in its daring. We convinced ourselves, without measuring how far the prophecy could go, that the certain, the predictable, had ceased to exist and that everything that moved in the future would do so without a certain pattern. We were conservative in our forecast. The liquidity of the tide has carried us ahead.

The same thing happened to Maria that night. She went out with her colleagues like so many other times and against her initial anticipation, the night she imposed a wall of no return that entangled her in a dance of so many things that she still tries to explain herself. Her consent for all of this to happen was not in her behavior manual. When they woke up, unlike Augusto Monterroso’s dinosaur, neither of them was still there. Although their bodies continued to brush, the two had long since left. Bed widths shorten distances. They make them uncomfortable. The coronavirus, too. Neither of them, when he returned to where he had left that night, felt the same. María had never thought that this would happen to her and less so during a few hours when life tends to contort and draw situations that alter the stability of the day. Changes of light that sometimes blind the looks and the facts.

Covid19, surely the biggest unforeseen event in recent decades, or at least the one with the greatest impact, has changed our lives. He has made us a puppet of chance. Now, like María, who continues with that story in her head, or Carlos, who tried to erase it but who for other reasons has not succeeded, it is necessary to understand that the world, as we have built it – and it cannot be go back-, demands more than ever, like the man in his origins, to hunt where there are opportunities. Despite what we have done to tame uncertainty, to turn it into an outlawed and clandestine place, we have not succeeded. Neither companies nor individuals are going to transform all this in four weeks. What we do, in the environment of companies, of the media, of society, Gulf Phone Number List requires height to turn vulnerability into the face of the only coin that remains: the absence of certainties.

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