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‘Two Step Cable Trap Funnel’ or ‘2 Step Tripwire Funnel’

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‘Two Step Cable Trap Funnel’ or ‘2 Step Tripwire Funnel’

This sales funnel has a particularity, the purpose is to close the sale in two steps get a uk mobile number, hence the name of the funnel, when the user enters the ‘Landing Page’ the first thing they will find is information about the product and a form contact so that the user can register their information.

Two Step Cable Trap Funnel – Landing Page 1
The main function of this page is to facilitate the closing of the sale, more benefits of our product or service can be shown to persuade them to make the purchase decision, when the client clicks on ‘Buy’ they will go to the next screen.

Two-Step Cable Trap Funnel – Landing Page 2
When our client has already made his purchase, he will then access a ‘One Time Opportunity’ or ‘One Time Opportunity’ (OTO) page to make an ‘Upsell’ or ‘Additional Sale’, on this page we want to offer another product or service that we want to promote, it can be an additional product to the one you bought, or some complementary service that we can offer you, the purpose of this page is to take advantage of the position that the client already trusted us because they made their purchase, and we can offer something additional to increase our Return on Investment (ROI).

Two Step Cable Trap Funnel – One Time Opportunity
If the client does not make the decision on the previous ‘Upsell’ screen, they are directed to a ‘Downsell’ or ‘Resale’ page, where we want to show our client a new promotion so that they can make the decision to purchase the new products or services, to make the ‘Downsell’ more effective we have to offer a good promotion for the client to make their decision, since they did not accept the proposal in the ‘Upsell’.

Two Step Cable Trap Funnel – Resale
Finally, regardless of whether or not they accepted the ‘downsell’, the client finally accesses an ‘Offer Page’ which is the last step of the sales funnel, on this screen it is explained to the client that their order was successfully managed, and It shows the purchase receipt, and why not, we also show some products that we want to offer. Gulf Phone Number List

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