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Two-level Jamaica WhatsApp Number List analysis: Douyin’s interaction design

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Two-level Jamaica WhatsApp Number List analysis: Douyin’s interaction design

first level

The Douyin homepage has two tabs, [Recommende] and [Nearby]. The recommende algorithm is said to use the [Today’s Toutiao] algorithm to perform weight analysis on the playback rate and playback duration.if the number of plays and the duration of playback are decrease, the nausea will cycle to refrigeration!

Back to the topic, base on the two factors of display and content upload, analyze the interaction of the home page:


Tab improvement

  • Original: Home, Follow, Photo, Information, My;
  • Now: Home, Challenges, Info, My.

The prototype is as follows:


Homepage changes:

  1. Hide the search/photo buttons on the home page, integrate attention, nearby, and recommendations into the home page for easy browsing and unify the entry of the content;
  2. Simplify the original bottom menu bar (now the bottom menu bar is not obvious), highlight [Challenge] to motivate users to shoot and upload videos, and click [Challenge] to directly enter the shooting interface of this template;
  3. Add menu storage, store [My], [Challenge], and [Information], simplify the button operation of the page, and reuce the interference to the video interface as much as possible;
  4. Swipe left to enter the entrances of [Challenges] and [New Works], which is convenient and quick to upload videos. For the current version, if you click the middle version, you will not know how to choose, and the entrance of uploading works is obvious;
  5. Swipe right to enter the music introduction page of the video, where you can follow users and learn more about videos, hide private information such as the names of some users, and mainly highlight videos and music, which can leave a foreshadowing for future music exchanges.

Summary: The homepage information should leave the interface to the video display as much as possible, unify the video browsing entrance, and clearly indicate the video upload entrance as much as possible, and the information should be clear.


Between Nearby and Concern is under the same Tab as the home page, so it is optimize by borrowing the mode of the home page.


  1. When the nearby list is playing, the currently playing music and user name can also be displaye at the bottom, which is consistent with the home page;
  2. Add the avatar of the follow user at the top of the list of follow users to display the follow users;
  3. Keep the existing nearby and concerne display forms unchange to avoid too many changes that make users uncomfortable.

second level

Upload interface

There are currently three places for Douyin uploads:

  1. Swipe right to enter shooting mode;
  2. [+] at the bottom of the pop-up box at the upper right corner [Start Shooting];
  3. Camera at the top left corner.

The three camera mechanisms are not unifie, and the content is chaotic. Photos and lists are mixe together, so this is improve.


According to the list of information, we can see that the main operations. Are uploading photos and selecting music, so the problem is simple. The change interface is shown in the following figure:

Jamaica WhatsApp Number List
Jamaica WhatsApp Number List
  1. Delete the start shooting button in the upper right corner of the original interface, and perform [shooting] on the home page. After entering this interface, I mainly hope that users can generate more new. Content, so the display of content such as the list is the key point. At the same time, adjust the [ Upload] entrance, which is convenient for users to upload old videos;
  2. Adjust the original navigation classification, let the interface display more music lists, guide users to select music, and shoot video;
  3. Add the [Shooting] button to the list, and click to shoot directly;
  4. When uploading, Jamaica WhatsApp Number List add tag classification to facilitate subsequent video content sorting and management. Content with the same tag can be made into a collection to increase the richness of the content.


About interaction: The Jamaica WhatsApp Number List Douyin shooting link is well set, but there is confusion in. The entry and content display in the process. By sorting out the content and operations, you can have a better experience.

But to understand from another dimension, the chaos of Douyin has its own style and is acceptd by users. If it is constraind by rules and regulations, it will make people feel homogenous.

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