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Twitter vs Facebook, the war continues: TweetDeck applications end

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Twitter vs Facebook, the war continues: TweetDeck applications end

One of the most useful apps for social media fans will stop working in May In a new sign of the pitched battle between these two social networks , Twitter announced during the week, through its blog , that it will close some applications TweetDeck next May. The platform, which belongs to the Iran Mobile Number Database microblogging network since 2011, will make several modifications. Thus, TweetDeck for iPhone, Android and TweetDeck AIR will disappear from the stores and will no longer be available as soon as that happens. But it is not the only news.

What most affected users who will still be able to use the platform in their stationary – was the information that the support that allows integration with Facebook will also be discontinued. The war continues. To continue offering a great product that meets your unique needs, we are going to focus on developing efforts to improve our modern versions of TweetDeck, based on the web,” says the information.

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And, after launching the digital bomb, he continues: “For the last 18 months, we have focused on building a richer and faster web application, for modern browsers and Chrome applications, which offers some unique features such as notifications ” . Then specify some other introduced tools like the new image, autocomplete and search filters, among others.

The news did not go down well on social media , considering the Phone Number List high percentage of existing mobile devices. It is clear that the company not only refuses to facilitate users to publish content in the competition, but sincerely seeks to improve the experience of those who use the platform, which, according to studies by the same company, indicate that it is treated in a high percentage they are stationary Mac and PC users. Complaints add up and continue, but we know, human beings get used to everything and soon we will be talking about another merger of companies or new changes.

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