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trends in web design for 2020

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trends in web design for 2020

As a showcase of services and communication channel with consumers turkey phone number, a good website must be simple, clear, accessible and direct. In addition, you must attend to the aesthetics and functionality of elements that search engines take into consideration.
qdqmedia, a company specialized in consulting and digital transformation of SMEs, shares with us the most important trends in web design for 2020.

Colors to convey emotions
Colors are a very important weapon when it comes to communicating a brand as they are capable of transmitting emotions and sensations. In addition, in the case of web design, they will be reflected in a great variety of devices, formats and multimedia supports.

Every year the Pantone company, one of the most influential corporations in the world in advising on color issues for companies and brands, publishes a color that is the one that will set the trend during the current year. In 2020 the chosen one has been the 19-4052 Classic Blue, a dark blue that inspires confidence, familiarity and tranquility. This color is the backbone of the trend in design disciplines and the styles that will be used the most during that year are created around it.

Other possible colors that we can use are red, which attracts a lot of attention and transmits strength, seduction or emotion; or orange, which transmits modernity, dynamism and energy, widely used by sports companies and if the target audience is young.

Green is versatile, natural and is associated with ecological and sustainable values, widely used in the health sector. Gray represents neutrality, but also luxury and elegance. Yellow is a difficult color to fit into a corporate image, but it can give excellent results as it transmits light and joy. Finally, we have pink, the color of childhood, which is gradually coming out of its pigeonhole as a female color and is increasingly present in all kinds of sectors Gulf Phone Number List.

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