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Transforming From a User Product Algeria Phone Number

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Transforming From a User Product Algeria Phone Number

The newly transformed user growth product manager often encounters some confusion. For example. Facing the kpi of business growth. He does not know how to plan the product. And he cannot well judge what should be done and what should not be done. In the face of the vast demand. Can’t judge the value of the demand well? It is always more passive to receive needs and fails to grasp the key points. The range of products involved in the increase business is very wide. Many of which need to promote external resources to land. And even have no independent responsible products. No sense of security. In the face of many cross-team coordination and communication.



From User Value

What is the difference between the value of yourself and the Algeria Phone Number project manager? It is very likely that after a busy year. I have done a lot of demand. But at the end of the year. I found that there are not one or two things that have outstanding performance. It is also possible that I have participated in several relatively large projects. But I want to measure how much I have played a role in them. But I find that it is difficult to reflect my personal contribution without quantitative data. I can’t tell if I made the project. Or the project made me. So busy for a year. If you don’t get good performance. You can’t get promoted. And in the end. You will have less and less sense of accomplishment.


Algeria Phone Number
Algeria phone number


Business Value

Start to question yourself. And start to be confused. I think the biggest reason for the above is that there is no shift in the perception of the value of the user growth product manager position. First of all. Let’s take a look at the user product manager position. The core value created by it is user value. For example. Help users solve problems. Provide better services. Bring more convenient experience. Etc. So the way of working is. First of all. You must be familiar with the industry. Familiar with the target customers. Understand the needs of users. And understand the market. Can gain insight into user needs. Design product functions that meet user needs. And design a good product experience. Therefore. The value of user product managers comes from creating products that users like.

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