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Towards a market of audience quality2

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Towards a market of audience quality2

One of the world’s great advertisers call list of mobile number, Procter & Gamble, continues its tireless campaign to achieve what they often call “industry cleanliness and clarity,” or more euphemistically, “transparency.” Some of the messages that this consumer giant is sending, with brands such as Tide, Dash or Pampers in its portfolio, deserve a reflection on the part of all of us who operate in this market. Above all, because these messages are not mere statements, but are accompanied by decisions that have effects on reality. And not infrequently these decisions usually consist of cuts to your online investment budget. It has happened throughout 2018 and in 2019. Every time a P&G spokesperson or executive announces cuts in their investment in production and online advertising planning, it is accompanied by a piece of information to show that the measure has not had any effect on sales. of their products.

Without going any further, last April, the Chief Financial Officer of the company, Jon Moeller, explained that in the last quarter they had cut 165 million dollars in planning – in addition to another significant amount in agency fees – without that it would have done no harm to your results. And to make everything crystal clear, he gave some explanations such as “we were wasting a lot on increasing the frequency” or “there were people watching our ads too many times”. This argument of the “ineffective frequency” joins others that were already being wielded last year as “irrelevance” (reaching people who do not interest), “the fraudulent audience” caused by bots and other engines, or the most controversial “Brand security”; that is, appear in content that the brand does not want to associate with at all. The digital advertising market must defeat this army of the night if it is to ensure peace and prosperity in the future. Some digital media such as YouTube or Facebook have already announced concrete measures to combat them, especially in everything that refers to inappropriate content, on which open war is being declared. Gulf Phone Number List

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