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Tool | Detailed user experience map Anhui Mobile Phone Number List

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Tool | Detailed user experience map Anhui Mobile Phone Number List

However During product planning. As a product manager. You need to go through the process of “Discovering problems → solving problems”. When problems are found. They can find problems with their own products through user interviews. Market research. Competitive product analysis. And data analysis. So as to find the right medicine according to the problem. . However This is where the user experience map comes in handy. The user experience map. Through a fixed thinking frame. Can more effectively and scientifically discover the problems of the product. “If you want to do good work. You must first sharpen your tools.” tools are the summary of predecessors.


How to draw a user map

And they can do more with Anhui Mobile Phone Number List less. 1. What is a user experience map? A few keywords: storytelling. Visualization. First person (user perspective). Okay. Let’s play a first-grade game. Make sentences with conjunctions (string them together). However The user experience map is to sort out and record the user’s experience path in the product from the user’s perspective. Through user data and emotions during use. It can discover user pain points and gain insight into product opportunity points. And output it as visual information for product decision-making. Empower. The essence of product design is user-centered.


Anhui Mobile Phone Number List

Why do you need a user experience map?

However Assisting the business to solve problems. And Anhui Mobile Phone Number List when solving problems. Product managers often “medicate the head and the feet”. Resulting in the failure to solve the essential problem. The user experience map is an effective way to solve problems by sorting out the user’s use process. However Examining the product from a global perspective. And combining “Business + user”. 2. Why do you need a user experience map? User experience maps (experience maps) can effectively visualize user behavior. User scenarios and other information. And then more clearly display user experience and user emotions. Boosting subsequent product updates and iterations.

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