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Tips when conducting remarketing campaigns

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Tips when conducting remarketing campaigns

Remarketing efforts are often seen as taking us to the next level. belgium mobile phone number

Success stories abound across industries on how these strategies improve efficiency by increasing conversion rates.

In this video I will talk about 6 tips that you should keep in mind when conducting remarketing campaigns in your advertising.

#1. Don’t assume there is a large audience in your audiences

Use analytics data from other channels to measure how many recurring visitors there are monthly per business unit or product, to forecast the remarketing traffic available to your campaigns

In some cases, the remarketing volume may be really small.

So if your audience size is small within your typical 30-day window, consider changing it to 60 or even 90 days.

Although so far the minimum list size in Google Ads, for example, has been 1000 users, you may need a higher threshold depending on your CTR or conversion rate

For example, if you normally have a CTR of 5 and a CVR of 2 percent, unfortunately 1,000 impressions will produce only 0.5 conversions.

This is when you will need to increase the number of your audience.

#two. Don’t limit yourself to selling a single product or once

Cross sell and up sell

A common assumption is that someone who did not make a transaction may need an additional incentive in the form of more compelling repeat messages. It may be so.

However, in many cases, they actually decided that they did not want to share.

Many users in their discovery phase are not only researching possible solutions, but also reconfirming solutions

When remarketing, try cross sell or up-sell messages. What I mean is that you give users more reasons to consider you, especially if their site offers complementary products.

A cross-sell would promote related offers, while an up-sell may encourage users to consider an offer of more value.

They may not end up buying this high-end alternative, but the latter may highlight the value of the initial option you were considering.

#3. Think about excluding

It sounds obvious but many times it is not done

Users who just bought your product or service won’t want to re-share right away

In general, for most B2C campaigns, conversions from the last 7 to 14 days can be safely excluded across all campaigns

To improve your remarketing campaigns to customers who have already purchased from your site, consider the consumption time of the product or service.

For example, if you sell printer ink cartridges and you know they last 30 days on average, exclude recent buyers from the last month

Other aspects that you can consider are seasonality, location or return on investment

#4. Think long term

Remarketing is often considered a short-term tactic, for users who abandon the shopping card or recent site visitors. However, it is possible to apply remarketing to users who last visited the site a year ago.

In the eagerness to acquire new customers, we often forget about those who have already bought and do not foster the loyalty of our customers.

For example, if someone booked a spring break with you, when is the next time they will start planning another one? Or what is the renewal cycle of the software you sell?

#5. Make synergies with various advertising media

If you have specialized in advertising on Facebook, give yourself the opportunity to try ads on other advertising platforms

For example, in the Display network of Google, YouTube, Instagram, among others.

# 6. Set a fixed budget for remarketing

By this I do not mean to increase your advertising investment, but to allocate a specific amount each month or in each promotion for this type of ads

Remember that remarketing is based on targeting people who have already captured your marketing efforts

Unless your remarketing audiences are large or CTR is increasing substantially, the budget shouldn’t have to increase, just be optimized Gulf Phone Number List

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