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Tips to get started with Google Ads

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Tips to get started with Google Ads

Internet advertising can be done in so many different ways belgium contact number

One of the most popular and effective is the one shown in Google search results, which we do through its Google Ads tool

Although it is intuitive and easy to use, we need a lot of practice to understand all its possibilities of use and carry out successful campaigns.

In this video I will give you some tips to avoid the most common mistakes in this type of advertising.

#1. Avoid using too many keywords

Google takes into account the landing page of the ads, so if we use a lot of keywords, they may not be present on our website

The best option is to focus on 5-10 keywords per ad group to play around and bid on the most relevant ones

In addition, it will facilitate our management and prevent our spending from skyrocketing

#two. Choose the correct match

As you should know, Google uses different types of rules for keywords

Depending on which one we use, we will appear in some results or in others

To begin with, it is recommended to use a modified broad or broad match and analyze the searches that arrive at our ads to adapt them.

The best thing is to have the vast majority of our ads in exact match ([hotels in zaragoza])

#3. Use more than one ad per ad group

Although we think that it is easier to manage our ad group with a single ad, this is a mistake

Ideally, use a minimum of 3 ads for each ad group and test different messages to see which one gets the best CTR (which is the click-through-impressions rate)

#4. Includes calls to action

The famous CTAs are little phrases that literally call people to action. It sounds silly, but these types of phrases such as “Call us!”, “Contact us!” or “Book with us!”

#5. Include extensions in your ads

Ad extensions allow us to incorporate many resources into our ads and we should not waste it

For example, you can add the location of your business, telephone, links to your website, prices, promotions, highlighted texts, among others.

In addition, adding them raises the quality level of our ads.

# 6. Check the locations

Be very precise in the geographical area that you will show your ads

It does not make sense that we have a restaurant in the center of the city and that our ads are shown recurrently in other cities or very far away areas

# 7. Demographics and hours

Lean on Google Analytics to know the most recurrent ages, cities, sex and times in which visitors enter your website -thanks to the ads- and eliminate those that are not relevant to us

Well, these are some of the tips that will help you when you take your first steps with Google Ads. I hope they are very helpful to you Gulf Phone Number List

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