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Times Higher Revenue Venezuela Phone Number

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Times Higher Revenue Venezuela Phone Number

Spain ensure that the data culture is deployed throughout the organization. While 23.5% of the companies do not even have any type of Business Intelligence infrastructure . The result of this Venezuela phone number is that up to 97.2% of the managers who participated in the study recognize that their companies can improve data management . Therefore. The work concludes that the maturity of Data Driven is still pending in Spain (4.8 points out of 10) ; since only 9% of companies make their decisions based on data. And only 6% of them go further and take advantage of both machine learning and predictive analytics .

Spain already has its first Data Director to propel itself towards change The first step for improvement is usually to become aware of one’s own shortcomings. And Spain has already done so in the Venezuela phone number field. Last July. The Government announced the appointment of its first Chief Data Officer and the opening of its Data Office. Specifically. The new person in charge is Alberto Palomo Lozano. Doctor in Theoretical Physics and expert in Data Analytics . With these two decisions. Spain now has a competent body in data matters. With the aim of ” developing a true data economy in a transversal way ” .

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Thus. The new body intends to “establish horizontal principles and standards to ensure that data flows across sectors. Ensuring privacy and respect for the rights of citizens at all times . ” All this is part of the ‘ Digital Spain 2025 ‘ strategy. Which involves a mobilization of nearly 70.000 million euros in public and private Venezuela phone number . An enormous effort that will turn the Data Office into one of its pillars. Given that this body intends to become ” a key agent to promote a framework that guarantees the sovereignty of data in Spain and at a European level .

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Promoting the construction of centers of data. As well as the processing and storage of said data in Spain” . How can Spain become a leader in data management? In any case. It takes Venezuela phone number to see if this official bet gives the expected results. Although. Meanwhile. We already have clear proposals to act in the short term. One of them is the work “For a change of culture in data management in Spain: A proposal for reform” by professors Miguel Almunia and Pedro Rey-Biel . And which has the support of more than fifteen experts. Of all country. This affects the weaknesses in the management and coordination of data in Spain that have become palpable as a result of the pandemic.

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And it proposes facing two great challenges : The improvement of the capacity for the collection and processing of data . Through the creation of coordination mechanisms between the different levels of administration. The realization of an ambitious investment in human capital and a firm commitment to keep this Venezuela phone number out of the political dispute. The expansion of the capacity to analyze them. Taking as a model the best international experiences . Thus. The formalization of a consortium between institutions and public bodies is recommended. In addition to the publication of the criteria for access to data from the guarantee of respect for privacy and agile access to the scientific community.

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