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Thor claims his hammer back Marvel marketing is brilliant

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Thor claims his hammer back Marvel marketing is brilliant

Marvel manages to add favorable reactions to its image thanks to the interaction of tennis player Juan Martín Del Potro and actor Chris Hemsworth, the protagonist of Thor. actions Marketing is, in general, carefully planned by experts in the field. Especially in the Tunisia Mobile Database case of large companies. However, on rare occasions, it is enough to have the timing necessary to take advantage of specific situations, in this case, sports.

First, we must go to what happened in the middle of the week, when in the middle of the US Open Tennis in New York, Roger Federer congratulated (through Twitter) the Argentine Juan Martín del Potro for his “Thor’s hammer” in reference to his powerful drive. Tunisia Mobile Database

Attentive to the major repercussions of the tweet Federer, people marketing of Marvel had a brilliant idea: get into that conversation. How? Through Chris Hemsworth, the actor who plays Thor in the Marvel films.

Indeed, hours before the semifinal of the US Open that Del Potro had to play this Friday against Rafael Nadal, Hermsworthle sent a special greeting to the Argentine. “I think you have something that is mine, friend, but I have something that is yours. We could trade it so I get my hammer back. But after the game you are playing because it seems that it is serving you a lot, “Hemsworth told him in a video virtualized by Marvel.

To Marvel’s happiness, Del Potro accepted the Brother Cell Phone List challenge and replied via Twitter: “Please leave it to me for a while longer. He helped me a lot against Roger [Federer] and I’m going to need him today. Thanks, Thor! ” Thus, Marvel, without having any sponsorship relationship with the United States Open, ended up achieving benefits for its image through the tennis players and one of the actors who plays one of its superheroes. Sparkly.

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