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This is how the Facebook ad review process works 2

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This is how the Facebook ad review process works 2

This is not a surprise, because with a base of more than 2.74 billion users it would be a titanic task to manually review each ad generated mobile phone numbers brisbane.

Even so, Facebook has a specialized team that is in charge of developing and training this automation technology, and in particular cases, manually reviewing ads.

For the ad review, Facebook takes into account both the detailed description, as well as the titles of each image or video used, the CTA or call to action and, of course, the graphic or audiovisual design itself.

This process does not usually take more than 24 hours to approve or reject your ad

For rejection cases, advertisers have the ability to upload new content taking into account Facebook reviews and comments.

They can also request a review of the ad if it is believed to have been unjustifiably rejected.

In this second case, human personnel do intervene, although Facebook clarifies that they are working on a better way to automate the process

Advertiser behavior is also evaluated in the ad review process, especially in the case of rejections.

In this way, the number of rejections and the degree of severity they present can influence future ad authorizations; which could even lead to the disabling of the advertiser, watch out for that!

Despite the deep automation of your system. Anyone on Facebook, whether they are an advertiser or not, can report an ad that they think is inappropriate or that violates community policies. This way, it can be evaluated and canceled if necessary.

Likewise, users also have access to an ad library where they can review any ad posted in the last 7 years and even report it.

Now you know everything you need to know about the ad review process. Gulf Phone Number List

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