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This is how advertising efficiency soars with “Opinion Mining”

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This is how advertising efficiency soars with “Opinion Mining”

The traditional advertising model makes the mistake of using incomplete KPIs: thanks to social interactions we can correct it free call to afghanistan mobile.
There is a large part of advertising investment, especially that based on branding, which cannot be validated in a real way. Not everything can be measured: there are jumps between devices, there are jumps from the online environment to the offline (the well-known ROPO effect) and we are deceived if we value the success of a campaign by its reach without being able to qualify it.

However, brands already have the information they need to stop making mistakes in optimizing their communication strategies. Their problem is that they don’t know how to use it. This information lives on their social profiles, they are the public’s interactions with their content, reactions and comments. Technology such as Tatanka IO.Tanka (by Apache) allows you to extract, analyze, interpret and include this information as a variable in decision-making.

To get the most out of it, the first thing to do is define the buyer persona we are going to address. This is a design thinking process where, through first party data and internal knowledge of the client, stereotypes are built that combine sociodemographic, behavioral and interest profiles. In this discovery process, the business and territory of each brand are analyzed in order to create semantic dictionaries to assign polarity to certain terms (a sitting bench is not the same as a school of fish or a bank) and intensity indicators. In this way we can correctly interpret the conversation with users Gulf Phone Number List.

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