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They Will Achieve Greater Vietnam Phone Number

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They Will Achieve Greater Vietnam Phone Number

Taking care of physical condition: In many cases. Injuries in sports are not a matter of simple bad luck. Perhaps behind a muscle problem is an excess of effort in the previous days. Or a foot Vietnam phone number is due to the fact that the athlete’s footprint is not ideal. So Big Data also works on all these aspects and helps coaches and sports medicine specialists design personalized training plans. As well as treatments. Business management: In addition to interpreting what happens on the field of play. Data analysis also has a lot to say about what happens outside of it.

The clubs and companies that participate in the industry handle a multitude of data that can help them make decisions : to create strategies to attract fans. To increase their marketing income. Etc. How does Big Data reach useful conclusions for the sports industry? There are four basic techniques to take Vietnam phone number of Big Data in this context: Data mining . For the extraction of information from various sources. Allows the creation of Databases . Clustering . According to which data is grouped into small blocks to better understand them and discover associations between them.

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In this way. The work is somewhat simplified. Association of data . In order to compare them and establish variables. Thanks to this method it is possible to find relationships and patterns. To try to anticipate behaviors and results. Text analytics . As a solution that works with data that appears in text format and that Vietnam phone number from the Internet of Things: web searches. Emails. Etc. It aims to meet the fans and everything that surrounds the sports industry. Ultimately. It’s about understanding the sport better . Because although it is not an exact science (in fact. Much of its appeal as a show is due to its unpredictability). Thanks to the data it is possible to turn it into a healthy. Profitable and valuable activity .

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Both for the development of athletes and for entertainment. 27 Jan Spain sets the goal of being a leader in data management Posted at 09:00h in Analysis by actionsdata 0 Comments In a society like the current one where everything tends to be more and more complex. Information has become a resource of Vietnam phone number value for governments and companies around the world. And a good example of this has been the Coronavirus pandemic . Because in its worst moments it has been proven that knowing how to use data well can even help save lives. So. As a result of this. Measures are already being taken in Spain to improve the management of data by its different public administrations .

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What in ACTIONS encourages us to make a brief review of the situation in which the so-called Data Driven finds itself in the country. Both at a public and private level. Companies still have a long way to go in data management On a national scale. It is clear that COVID-19 has been an incentive for companies Vietnam phone number organizations to accelerate their digital transformation processes . In fact. According to the 1st report ‘ Maturity of Data Driven in Spain ‘ by INCIPY . 77.8% of the 170 managers surveyed stated that they had increased the use of data as a result of the pandemic. The problem is that this bet has been made on a basis that is far from optimal. Only 36.1% of the companies that operate in

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